Farmers Union Insurance


Dysfunctional leadership team with mis-matched roles, lack of trust and accountability, passive aggressive (MN nice) behaviors and a leader who held back for fear of creating more division.


Farmer's Union Insurance Needs:

An intervention that would ultimately allow for looking at the truth of this team and how they need to transform in order to fully accelerate and find success together that can guide the team through proven exercises that drive dialogue and have data to prove out the need for digging deep and doing the work as a team.


 9-month Team Acceleration customized program to purposefully guide the dialogue, have honest, candid conversations – remove the clutter before we lay the foundation of optimizing the team and the business. AND…coaching the CEO to raise his game since he was the #1 implementer of what they decided at their team workshops.  He was THE one to execute on their promises to each other and hold them accountable. 




Established Team Expectations & Agreements, created Conflict Norms, co-created the best practices when making decisions and how to keep each other accountable.