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    Where purpose, passion, and people converge.

Our Leadership Development Programs are fully customized to meet your needs.  

We embed time-tested Leadership Principles to design a 7-month program that creates momentum, learning, and sustainable change.  With the combination of Workshops, Triad Coaching Sessions, Behavioral Measurement and Learning  Reinforcements, we know that no one component can stand on its own, but rather, it’s the blend of the entire Program that generates a whole new way of leading.  Built on the foundation of identifying your Core Values and their impact on your work, we quickly hone in on what matters most to you and how to refine your skills to live into more significance.

The Principles of Leadership Matters, our Signature Leadership Development Program

What got you here, won’t get you there – what you have been rewarded for today, won’t necessarily take your skills to the next level. Leverage your past, while creating your future.

Be Curious & Pay Attention– as you develop into the next version of you, embrace curiosity and pay attention to what matters most to you.  Where are you struggling, where are you growing and where do you desire to be better?

Examine Your Own Assumptions – resist the judgment, doubting and second-guessing.  Tap into your strengths, claim your unique gifts and become more of who you really are…that’s where your genius lies.

Listen to Understand, Not to Reply – listen to your peers, your manager and yourself with new ears.  Resist the temptation to be the expert.  Be the student, investigator and engage without answers.

Make it Matter – dedicate the time, energy, focus, discipline and passion to making this your own your development opportunity.  We provide the structure, content, and timeline.  It’s up to you to engage, do the work and commit to being of greater influence.  This only works when it works for you.  

Check-in: Reflect, Review & Refine – people who make time to reflect, make time to refine.  Look back to learn – look forward to succeeding.

Be on Purpose – make it applicable to your role, your life and your opportunity to influence.  It’s amazing how leadership transcends, aligns and strengths all areas of your life when you make it a priority.

We believe leaders get what they tolerate, demonstrate and celebrate.  And, they get what they learn and learn again – that’s why our programs are anchored in rituals – that begin with reflection and end with action steps.  We not only offer the content and the structure, but we build in the accountability to remind you of where you want to go!

So now what?

Click on the program titles below to learn more or send us a message to talk specifically about your company’s needs for leadership development.

Our Leadership Development Programs

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    Leadership Matters

    Our Leadership Matters Program is designed to help accelerate the growth and development of your leaders by providing skill-based development with proven leadership competencies.

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    The Conversations That Matter

    Designed to help teams engage in purposeful, deliberate conversations that otherwise don’t get addressed or are tucked away for another day.

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    Executive Leadership Coaching

    Designed to help accelerate the growth and development of your leadership by providing targeted support based on your leadership competency level and area of need. 

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    A leadership training program that ignites the potential of your emerging and future leaders.