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    Defining and sustaining healthy team momentum.

Now more than ever, companies need to pay attention to the needs of their teams. 

We know that the single greatest competitive advantage in today’s marketplace is to have a team that “gets each other” – their work style, their motivations, fears and communication preference. And, that doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time, energy, work, and dedication. And, a few bumps in the road to fully understand and appreciate the differences and viewpoints of each team member. Employees want more from their workplace today. They want to know their work matters, and that their contributions add value to the bottom line and the overall success of the company.

When it comes to team dynamics, we listen intently to our clients. We ask you questions to help you reach the clarity you need.  What’s working today? What challenges exist? How healthy is your team? What type of dysfunction exists on your team? What do you want your team to look like? What do you want your team to achieve? Do you have the right talent on your team to meet your goals? 

From here, we begin to ask deeper questions and listen. To seek clarity, desired outcomes, and the ideal situation. We work together to ensure we design a short and long-term solution that begins to catapult your team to the next level.  It’s not a quick-fix, but rather a cultural shift to really understand unique strengths, desires, preferences, and quirks. And, it’s about making the team a priority, not just water-cooler talk. To put concentrated time and effort towards what it takes to make a team fantastic and that every single person knows they are highly valued.

Your need will dictate the direction. It may be several dedicated sessions to build the foundation and mindset of becoming the very best team ever. Or, it may be monthly 90-minute, high-powered sessions that help address the current needs, obstacles and how to sustain healthy team momentum. The direction is different for every team. What will it take for your team to become as great as they can be?

So now what?

Click on the program titles below to learn more or send us a message to talk specifically about your company’s needs surrounding improving team effectiveness.

Our Team Effectiveness Programs

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    Building Great Teams 

    Designed to build teams, help them understand how they work and how they can each influence, empower and adapt their communication style to be more effective as peers, managers, and leaders.

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    The Conversations That Matter

    Designed to help teams engage in purposeful, deliberate conversations that otherwise don’t get addressed or are tucked away for another day.

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    The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™

    Designed to advance teams through a facilitated experience that allows them to honestly, safely and candidly explore the five core characteristics of teams that truly work.