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    Where theory moves to application & impact!

Our Everything DiSC® Train-the-Trainer program is designed to help trainers and facilitators maximize their content, modify their approach to meet their audience needs while strengthening the company culture and employee development. It’s being able to convey the content in a way where everyone feels understood, valued and part of the conversation.

Being a masterful facilitator is an art – being able to do a fine dance with the participants to ensure they get what they need. And, in this dance, there is no substitute for in classroom practice. We have designed our programs to include a full-day teach-back to fully practice, not perfect. In this lab environment, participants receive verbal feedback and coaching that immediately improves their experience and prepares them for real-world facilitation.

Where we can offer on-the-spot coaching and each participant walks out knowing the resources they need to implement their organization’s solutions. Behind every great facilitator is a pile of evaluations and hours of coaching to help them master their gift!  If you want to fully empower your trainers or facilitators to use content to impact individuals, teams, and companies, then a train-the-trainer may be the option to consider. 

So now what?

Click on the program titles below to learn more or send us a message to talk specifically about your company’s train-the-trainer or certification needs.

Our Train-the-Trainer and Certification Programs

Education Opportunities

Our unique Plus+ programs provide you with one-on-one access to Tammy’s 15 years of facilitation knowledge, tips, tricks and activities to deepen your learning as a facilitator.  Beyond Certification and Accreditation, we customize a Plus+ program to meet your specific employee needs and share best practices to ensure you deliver the highest quality facilitation possible.

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Everything DiSC Workplace® Certification is the best resource for building foundational knowledge and tools for facilitating this powerful solution. This course allows you to take your DiSC® knowledge to a deeper level, giving you the content expertise and strategies to facilitate powerful Everything DiSC Workplace sessions. You will build the confidence and competence to help your organization get the most out of Everything DiSC Workplace and promote a DiSC-based culture.

Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive the credential of Certified Everything DiSC Workplace Facilitator.

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Stand out as a Five Behaviors™ Accredited Facilitator. The Five Behaviors facilitation skill set is in high demand. Organizations search for facilitators who have experience in creating change with this breakthrough program. Whether you’re an experienced facilitator or you’re new to the program, this course will increase your knowledge and develop your Five Behaviors facilitation skills.

The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team® Facilitator Accreditation is a blended-learning course that will help you hone your skills as facilitators of this unique program. You will gain expertise in using the model and accompanying course material, earning the credential of a Five Behaviors™ Accredited Facilitator.

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With a range of powerful solutions in the Everything DiSC® suite, it can be difficult for you to choose the right one for your organization. The Everything DiSC® Essentials course can help!

Everything DiSC Essentials provides foundational DiSC® knowledge and an overview of the Everything DiSC suite of reports to help you select and facilitate the best DiSC solutions that meet your needs. This self-directed learning course contains 2-3 hours of online, engaging activities. With flexible access to the online Everything DiSC Training Center, you can work through the course at your own pace.