3 Actions that will strengthen Your Leadership Development Programs

By Tammy Krings

Everyone wants to know the formula for great leadership and what it takes to really create transformative workplaces. Leadership development programs often focus on content, tools, or technique and forget to focus on the one thing that can be a multiplier of business growth-enrolling the leader of your programs' participants.

Here are 3 actions you can take to get a headstart on building a great leadership team:

Bring in the participant's leader from the very start. 

This means involving the leader in the selection process, setting expectations, and providing them with resources to support their team member's development.


Make it formal

This means providing the leader with a dedicated meeting or training session to learn about the program and how they can support their team member.


This formal touchpoint will help to ensure that the leader is clear on their role and that they are committed to helping their team member succeed.


The leader's involvement should continue throughout the program. This means providing them with regular updates on their team member's progress, as well as opportunities  to provide feedback and support.


By following these three steps, you can increase the chances of success for your leadership development program. When leaders are enrolled and engaged, their team members are more likely to learn and grow, which can lead to transformational change in your organization.