You want teams who can conquer the world.

Your teams want leaders they love to follow.

We’re the experts at developing both.

The Leadership Essentials Toolkits!

Tools to help you build stronger leaders and teams

When your leaders and teams are struggling, so is your bottom line.

Team Development

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Leadership Coaching

Team and leadership development isn’t a one-and-done program. From new hire to retiree, customized training and development is critical to your business success.

Your teams and leaders should be strong, empowered and effective.
To accomplish this, they need your support!

With comprehensive training and development of leaders and teams, you will experience:

When companies call for help, it is often a reaction to something negative that is happening. People problems aren’t something that just gets solved and never pop up again. People grow and change over time and so do their needs. What a new hire needs is vastly different than what an executive leader needs.

How We Will Work Together

Tammy Krings,
Owner and CEO

Don’t wait until problems arise, invest in leader and team development now, so that you can avoid the bigger issues that sideline your progress!

Before we worked with The Conversations That Matter, our team didn’t know how to have conversations. We needed a tool to give us a starting place so we could regain some control. The customization of the program and Tammy’s hands-on, dive-in approach was the key to getting people excited so that we could improve our internal communications. Now we have a tool in our toolbelt, and a person we can call to help troubleshoot when we need it.

Julia Rancone
Partner/VP Creative Strategy, Ultra

The Conversations That Matter workshop offered multiple different ways to enable learning for each style— through physical movement, video, written learning, conversation, reading, etc. All learning styles were covered and that was most helpful. No one style was valued over any other and all had assets to bring to any situation.

Connie Menne
Vice President, CSSN Operating Group The Mentor Network

We wanted to provide our teams with knowledge of their different styles and how they can be used to support business growth. The Conversations That Matter workshop was engaging, knowledgeable, willing to get to the depths of our needs and resourceful in offering solutions to get there.

Courtney Hoefener
Vice President – Talent & Organizational Solutions

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