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At The Conversations That Matter, we love the work we do with the amazing clients we serve. We strive to always be excellent, deliver beyond what we promise, and communicate clearly and consistently. 


Tammy Krings

CEO / Master Facilitator & Coach
Tammy Krings has been studying people all of her life. With an early curiosity for human dynamics, she has built a business helping Leaders and Team experience Workplace Transformation. As a Master Certified Leadership Coach, Tammy has built programs for sustainable change that are matched to the businesses greatest growth needs. Known for her ability to build trust quickly, Tammy accelerates the learning and connection with everyone in her programs.

Ava Goepfert

Sr Facilitator & Leadership Coach
Ava Goepfert is an expert in studying and teaching Interpersonal Relationship Skills. As faculty at Colorado State University and Gustavus, Ava connected theory to application and brought the people dynamic alive during her classes. Attuned to the senses and skills people need to excel and transform, Ava will guide you with a calm, certainty and reassurance to lead in a whole new way. And, you’ll have a ton of fun along the way as Ava weaves a human approach to the reality of the client's needs and how each person can design their new identity, their new future.

Heather Gedrose

Program Engagement Manager
Heather leads the health of our program engagements. Heather is attentive, responsive, organized and skilled in managing projects, programs and our specific client needs. Geared to personalizing every interaction, Heather brings a warmth and confidence to our clients that "we have you covered". With a background in Corporate Purchasing and Office Administration, Heather will exceed your expectations and provide a level of expertise to make you shine!
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Kait Wyman

Administrative Operations Manager
Kait runs the backbone of the business and our client's programs. Kait is intuitive, detail-oriented and sees the big picture to pull it all together and tie it up in a bow! Geared to making things happen with excellence, Kait brings responsibility and ownership to her work and loves to see leaders and teams thriving in their workplace. With a background in non-profits, volunteer recruitment and management, Kait is proficient at getting it done and ensuring success along the way. Her behind the scenes work will give you the confidence that your people will be well-nurtured and set-up for transformation.

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