What our clients have to say

  • “Tammy Krings, of Conversations that Matter has been a partner with Olmsted County for the past five years. As the Organizational Development Coordinator for Olmsted County, I have found Tammy to be an exceptional person to work with. Regardless of the developmental topic, I find Tammy able to be innovative, knowledgeable, and effective in her approach to instructional design, facilitation, and coaching. She expertly designs a session to meet our specific need. As a coach, I have seen Tammy work with clients in overcoming self-defeating behaviors. Her coaching style comes from a “place of curiosity” that is fueled by her ability to listen, guide and support the coachee throughout the process. Whatever task she is working on for us, Tammy comes prepared with a gift of keeping participants active and engaged.”

    Becky Buzard, Organizational Development Coordinator, Olmsted County
  • “The facilitated leadership training that Tammy provided my management team was personalized and targeted to strengthen the skills and awareness needed to give us the greatest benefit. I’ve seen an immediate boost in collaboration and a strengthening of common ground between the management team. Participation and involvement at the management level has increased which is helping us to produce better and faster solutions to the constant challenges that we face.”

    Brian Zingler, Deputy Director, US Customs & Border Protection
    Team Development, Everything DiSC Management and Leadership Coaching
  • “Simply put, Tammy is a passionate facilitator, an insightful coach, and a dynamic entrepreneur. I have been lucky enough to work beside her on the programming committee for the Minnesota Change Management Network, and I also had the good fortune to hire her as a leadership and team engagement coach at STAR Collaborative.

    Tammy brings a savvy business acumen to the table and is certified in many tools and methodologies including The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team, and Everything DiSC. Her application of such tools is complemented by her business experience, and she can provide insightful, strategic, and candid feedback in a way that is direct yet approachable. She is great at holding up a mirror to leaders and drives accountability with an effective and inquisitive questioning style. I have greatly benefited from her coaching, and much appreciate the way she leads me to discover insights in such an effective and safe way.

    She is adept in individual and group settings: I have seen her present to large groups, facilitate interview-style case studies with industry leaders, and coach in a small group or one-on-one sessions. In all cases, she is an intelligent, prepared, knowledgeable, and caring facilitator and instructor.”

    Dan Olson, Change Guild, Co-Founder, STAR Collaborative and MN Change Management Network
    Everything DiSC Workplace, The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team. and Executive Coaching
  • “I was referred to Tammy for her assistance designing a leadership event beyond the scope of local offerings. Tammy listened to my needs and created the content I envisioned. She facilitated the event with professionalism and a sincere commitment that the group would be inspired to live this learning experience in their professional lives. When I reached out to Tammy for a second, unrelated event, she eclipsed my expectations.” –

    Mark Ostrem, Olmsted County Attorney
    Team Retreat
  • “Tammy Krings has facilitated a number of planning sessions and retreats for our farm member-based organization and our insurance companies. Tammy brings great abilities to not only keep these sessions focused on great results but able to address internal challenges that we have identified. Tammy goes out of her way to understand the goals of the session, the company she works for and follows up with details to enhance the results. Our company is stronger because of her abilities. Each year we use her services, we grow as a team.”

    Mark Watne, President, NDFU
    Staff Planning Team Retreats
  • “As my Leadership Coach, Tammy helped me give myself permission to slow down, pause, and identify what is really most important to me. This has helped me delegate more at work, say “no” to things that in the past I would have committed to. Working with Tammy has helped be find a better, more balanced professional and personal life which has made me happier and more effective.”

    Jodi Boldenow, CEO of Industrial Door Company
    Executive Leadership Coaching Client

The Conversations That Matter

Strengthening how leaders and teams align and engage.

The Conversations That Matter works with leaders and teams who want to strengthen how they align and engage — in a whole new way, at a time when we are starving for true connection. The Conversations That Matter provides an integrated approach that sustains leadership and team change – well beyond traditional training. We know that training alone does not cause the shifts we desire.

The Conversations That Matter is impacting the workplace in a time that desires and requires the space to pause, reflect, and refine in order to gain clarity in the vision, alignment, and execution of their strategy.  Her expertise includes program development, recruiting, training, facilitation, leadership coaching and change management. With a reputation for building collaborative environments, breaking down communication barriers and helping people challenge their assumptions, we are passionate about engaging people in the conversations that matter.

The Conversations That Matter model came from our founder, Tammy Krings, recognizing a need in the workplace from hearing her clients discuss wanting to have breakthrough conversations, but just not knowing where to start.  This is where The Conversations That Matter can help.

Tammy believes that we always have a choice and that timing matters. Speaking truth is her purpose and building up the community is her passion.  She craves a spiritual depth, being courageous, and taking risks. The greatest act of courage occurs when we are most vulnerable and where we can create a renewed purpose together. The more we embrace bravery, the more we live our lives to the fullest.

She has experience working with all kinds of industries including non-profits, agri-business, government, education, and corporations. No matter what industry or company she’s helping, Tammy is there to guide leaders and teams to make significant shifts in how they show up, do the work, and relate to each other. Teamwork is the #1 competitive advantage of any organization.  You either make a strategic intention to work as a team or you struggle to compete in the marketplace.

Our Team

Tammy Krings

President and CEO

By designing and leading programs where you can show up as your own true self with an intrigue to learn, lead, discover and explore, we begin to address the desired change, one step at a time. I tune into what lies below the surface and help you get more of what you really want.

Our Model

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    Feeling confident asking questions and putting yourself out there.

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    Choosing to listen with empathy to your fellow co-workers.

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    Listening to different ideas and opinions from co-workers to decide the best path.

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    Using what you say and think to shape how you act daily.