The Conversations That Matter

Why You Need The Conversations That Matter
When leaders and teams aren’t working at their highest potential, your business is missing out on a lot.

Your bottom line may fall short. Employee loyalty, morale and longevity is low. Nobody feels good about their work or their results.

All of this can be prevented. Being a leader comes with enormous responsibility. That includes providing team and leader training that allows everyone to reach their potential. When this happens, not only do you have happy employees with fulfilling jobs, your bottom line grows!

The Conversations That Matter exists to help you with employee, team and leadership development needs. From new hires to retirees, we partner with you to assess, train and coach your employees.


About CEO, Tammy Krings

Organizations and leaders will always need development. We are humans, not robots. There are countless resources to help with this development and many are good.

Tammy’s deepest desire is to provide you with consistent, thoughtful, authentic tools that help you lead better, build better teams and reach every goal you set. She seeks to understand what’s really at the core of challenges; she understands what’s at stake; and she craves the joy that comes when you can turn a problem around or prevent it in the first place!

Tammy is masterful at reading her audience and guiding her clients on a journey of self-discovery; digging into the core of their challenges and holding the possibility of a renewed commitment. The growth that happens in the workplace is often carried over to the growth that happens at home. If we can impact the workplace, inspire employees to be more of who they truly are, then we will ultimately be impacting our families, our communities and our world.

She’s in constant practice of living a life of continuous improvement and contentment. Now more than ever, she is being asked to model courage, commitment, intention and connection in a whole new way..


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