Licensed Facilitator Program

Building Great Teams Licensed Facilitator Training Program

November 2-3, 2023

Edina Country Club - Edina, MN

EARLY BIRD PRICING between now and October 1: $5,500

PRICING after October 1: $6,000

Call for special pricing if you are sending multiple people from the same organization. 

NOTE: If you completed Wiley's Certification, contact us at 612-964-7689 for special pricing.

LIMITED SPACE: 12 seats 

Why Us?


Years of Facilitating Everything DiSC Workshops


Hours of Facilitation


Teams Trained


Individuals Trained
As a Facilitator, You Hold Every Moment in the Room

The “ah-ha” moments. 

The “I see you in a new way” moments. 

The “I’m not sure I fully understand" moments. 

And we all strive for the most powerful moment – when we design the day to make the moments matter and create deeper connections at work. 

The game of facilitation has changed significantly.

Your teams expect more.  

You desire to provide them more. 

And, we are here to teach you just how to make every moment matter. 

The Conversation That Matters

We’re your Experts!

We’re your go-to partner to help you design programs that maximize every moment to establish trust, bring people to a new awareness of how they belong and how they get to contribute at a whole new level.  

After 20 years, we are handing over ALL of our content – from our Communication Plan, the Needs Discovery outline, Building Great Teams workbook assets, complete PowerPoint deck to deliver in-person and virtual programs and all of our sustainability tools.  

All yours + the 1:1 coaching to ensure you are set up for success. 


Great Facilitators do 4 Things Exceptionally Well:

  1. They understand exactly what their audience needs.
  2. They develop content to address those needs.
  3. They know when to pivot on the spot and effectively deliver an experience that transforms how people see themselves and others. 
  4. They create sustainability tools for deep, lasting application.

Learn from the Experts!


We’ve been leading in-person and virtual workshops for over 20 years – always refining and asking just the right questions, with just the right activities to help leaders and teams see each other in a whole new way.  

And, we’ve helped thousands of leaders take what they learned and apply it to their work, their teams and their business.  As one of the top 5 Everything DiSC facilitators in the world, we are ready to unlock your potential with all of our simple-to-use, comprehensive materials.   

About Founder and Master Facilitator, Tammy Krings

Teams and leaders are the key to the success of any organization, business or association. They are also the least developed and nurtured part of most businesses. When a leader struggles, the team struggles. When a team struggles, the business struggles. The challenges that teams and leaders face are frustrating and keep us awake at night. 

You want teams who can conquer the world. Your teams want leaders they love to follow. 

We are the experts that will help you develop both!

Tammy, the CEO of The Conversations That Matter, works with leaders to strengthen their teams, articulate their vision, align their work to their goals and shift their culture. Tammy is a sought-after Master Leadership Coach and Facilitator specializing in customized Leadership Development, Team Effectiveness, Executive Coaching and Everything DiSC Train-the-Trainer Programs. 

Tammy has poured her heart and soul into leadership and team development for more than 25 years and is ready to unlock what she thinks about in designing programs, dancing the fine dance in the room and breaking down barriers to help leaders and teams see each other in new, productive ways!


All The Important Details

The Building Great Teams program is designed to strengthen teams, help them understand how and why they work the way they do and how they can each influence, empower and adapt to be more effective as peers, managers and leaders.

By first focusing on our own Communication Style, we build a cohesive team – one that can trust, collaborate and lean on each other to effectively build the business together.

The Building Great Teams program allows you to have the open, candid and strategic conversations that teams need to perform at the highest level. For a team to move to the next level, dedicated time together is required, a sense of freedom and creativity are desired, and the willingness to explore ideas together, all to allow for rich learning and development.

The key is to create a tight, singular team-approach to Team Development. We will focus on the Team Expectations at a behavioral level so each person understands both the rationale and the emotional reasoning built into human psychology and how we each think and behave, which is part of the overall experience and foundation in building more effective relationships at work.

Appropriately, at the center of this program are the Understanding Self and Others and How to Build Effective Working Relationships modules.

Corporate, Internal Learning & Development Trainers, Coaches & Facilitators who want to strengthen how they facilitate teams and leaders with the Everything DiSC® Framework

We have been teaching Everything DiSC® for 20+ years and have crafted the Building Great Teams curriculum and resources based on what we've learned from leading team workshops hundreds of times. We are the exclusive creator and provider of the Building Great Teams Program.

The Conversations That Matter (TCTM) Exclusive Building Great Teams (BGT) Powerpoint, so you can simply plug and play when you are facilitating the program

TCTM Exclusive BGT Workbook

TCTM Exclusive BGT Communications Plan

TCTM Exclusive BGT Catalyst Challenges

Everything DiSC® Catalyst Kit, by Wiley

Everything DiSC® Workplace Facilitation Kit, by Wiley

EPIC Assessment Administration Account

10 Everything DiSC® Workplace Assessments (Value of $810)

There are multiple learning components in this Train-the-Trainer:

  1. Before the training, we'll provide a welcome and expectations call with one of our team members to learn more about you and your specific desired learning outcomes. 
  2. During the two-day training, you'll have the full attention of our team.
  3. Post-training, you'll receive two one-hour coaching calls to help you determine your internal roll-out plan and refine your skills and knowledge.
  4. Everything DiSC Catalyst Workshop – so you can facilitate both in-person and online workshops for your employees
  5. We'll provide optional Everything DiSC add-ons for your experience that include customized training to meet your unique needs.
  6. Ongoing coaching & support from your Everything DiSC Partner

This is not a certification for Everything DiSC®. This is a train-the-trainer, designed to help you master your facilitation with Everything DiSC® for BOTH in-person and online training. We have packaged everything we have to provide robust, proven and impactful learning experiences.  You will have access to all of our best activities, guided questions, and tools to help you become an Everything DiSC® master facilitator.

You’re in and the fun of learning begins!  You’ll receive a confirmation email from us with all of the details to begin preparing for yourself to become a master facilitator of our Building Great Teams program!  We’ll be sure to set up your Welcome Call right away to get your questions answered and share best practices of how you can make the most of this experience.

Your Building Great Teams Licensed Facilitator Train-the-Trainer includes:

  • Licensing Agreement to use all of our Building Great Teams content within your organization 
  • Licensing Agreement for you, as the facilitator, to lead Building Great Teams workshops within their organization 
  • Welcome Call: within 4 weeks of to the Train-the-Trainer
  • Two-day in-person Train the Trainer
  • 90-minute Catalyst Train-the-Trainer workshop 
  • Two - 1:1 Coaching Sessions 
Need something specific?
We'll build it!

Our team has the knowledge, skill, and expertise to build custom leader and team development tools and workshops just for you. The process is fun and rewarding; and the results are amazing!