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Michael is a STAR! – Executive Leader

Hire to Retire – Part 4/4

We have followed Michael on his journey through the new hire phase and into his role as a rising leader. We’ve looked at the difference it makes to have open communication, supportive culture and ongoing training and support. We’ve seen that, in the midst of challenges, there is great opportunity to learn and grow. It’s now years later and Michael has recently been promoted to an Executive Leader. Michael has earned this position and is well-liked amongst his peers and subordinates. Let’s consider two scenarios of what might happen next.

Michael is living the dream. He has worked hard and now has the big title and paycheck. His corner office is worthy of showing off to his friends and family, and they are rightly impressed.

In his new role, Michael also has a new team. He’s done this before – supervising people – and has the confidence to walk in and do it again. But, when he tries to make some immediate changes, he gets the sense that he’s upset the apple cart. On one hand, Michael wants everyone to like him, on the other, he knows he is going to make a few decisions that aren’t going to be popular. 

He tries to create report with the team, but they don’t seem to trust him. He doesn’t know where to turn.


With his big promotion, Michael loves the perks – the salary increase, and office are great, but the best new perk is the support of an Executive Level Coach. This one-on-one support has been key in helping him make some early changes without alienating the new team. His coach has pointed out a couple of his blind spots. Because of the wonderful mentors and leaders, he has had in the past, he receives this critique well and is eager to do what it takes to grow into this role.

Michael quickly realizes that it can be lonely at the top and misses the comradery of his earlier teams. He genuinely hopes he is able to create some new connections and mentor others as he has been mentored.

Michael’s experiences – in both scenarios – aren’t unique. There are good and bad employment situation every day. Our success in navigating these situations can be greatly affected by the support of our employer. The big difference between scenario one and two isn’t the lack of challenges, it’s the presence of support and training. 

As the infographic shows, employees gain competencies at each stage of development. If you can support their individual and team growth, retention is higher, morale is higher and the bottom-line soars. 

The Conversations That Matter works with exceptional companies every day to provide assessments, training, and coaching. The leaders in these programs have a higher level of engagement in their work, better connections with their teammates and less stress all around. 

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