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2020 Focus – Are your Priorities in Line with your Life?

Vision. Focus. Clarity. Alignment. Prioritizing your Life. It’s that time of year when we start with an empty slate and try to build a life that lines up our activities with our priorities. This year, maybe more than others, even more people are honing in on the 2020 Vision – bringing the focus into your life.  For our team at The Conversations That Matter, having focus really just means getting your priorities in order and investing in them.  Priorities are where we put our time.  Our calendar is a reflection of our priorities.  

Before we can feel good about our 2020 Focus, we need to take an honest look at how we spend our time.

Let’s look back to live forward. 

How was the majority of your time spent in the last 12 months?  Right now, our girls are 13 and 11 – we are professional taxi drivers maximizing the 10-minute transfers from activity to activity as much as possible – a lot can be learned and communicated in 10 minutes.  For me, that’s some of the most precious time of my days. When we aren’t in the midst of the 10-minute transfers, we are like most families of tweens and teens – balancing work, responsibilities, activities and everything else that seems to occupy our time.

How did you spend your year? Make a list of where you think you spent your time in 2019? Does it align with your priorities?

Now, let’s imagine 2020. 

Start by naming your priorities. Take a look at your calendar so you can really see where you are putting your priorities.  From your AM workouts to Birthday Parties, Date Nights, Family Nights, Church, Vacation/PTO Time, Volunteering – besides your workday….where is your time being spent? 

Now – what would you purposefully need to shift to fully actualize living in a way that reflects your priorities? 

Where are you living forward?  Where are you holding back?  What barriers need to be broken down?  What needs to be said in order to open up your full life?  What part of your life and living freely do you own? 

Where did you find success last year? 

What’s great about your life right now? 

What’s missing? 

What’s worth questioning? 

What do you crave more of? 

How can you live a life of significance in these next 10 years? 

We get to control our time. We don’t need to be running (or rushing) as our calendar directs us to – we get to step back each day or week and ask ourselves, “Is this really where I want to / need to use my time right now?”  Or, one of our new favorite questions, “What is really worthwhile right now?”  The more we tune in, the more focused we’ll be! 

Here’s to an amazing year and decade full of discovery, growth, transformation, and living on purpose!