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Panic – Learn – Grow

Most crises happen quickly and we are left to struggle through the aftermath. That’s not THIS crisis. We are still in the midst of a global pandemic that has no end in sight. We are also struggling through racial unrest that has been bubbling for centuries and has found its way to a boiling point. Plus, we are dealing with new and yet-to-be-established realities for school, childcare, travel, and so much more.  

As the realities shift and change for your business, we want to be your partner in finding new ways to thrive. 

As we’ve been coaching leaders through these crises, we’ve seen a pattern emerge and repeat often. 

First, a new stimulus causes us to panic. What that looks like for some is a lot of worry and angst. For others, its outbursts and manic reactions. Each of us reacts differently. For some, the process stops here. Those leaders and their businesses will likely never thrive.

Second, we learn. Once we calm down, we start to process. What does this mean? How does it affect us? What resources can I find – people, books, systems – that can help me better understand.

Finally, we grow. During this phase, we find and implement new systems, knowledge, and expertise that makes us better. This is the fun part. Who doesn’t love a good growth period? For the leaders and businesses that do this well, it may very well be the differentiator that helps them thrive now and well into the future.

Through the past four months, we’ve seen leaders cycle through this time and again. And, like most muscles that get a lot of working out, the mind gets better at this cycle as we practice. Each time we go through it, the panic phase gets shorter, we know what we need to do, and we get to the fun part much quicker.

How are you doing? We’d love to hear about your journey. We offer coaching for leaders, team training, and tools for trainers.