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Employers & Parents CAN Work Together to Create a Healthy Transition to Back to School

Back to school looks a whole lot different this year. For very few, it means going back to a traditional model of all in-person education. For most, it will likely be a hybrid version of home and school learning. For some, it may be fully remote. For all, it will likely swing between these options based on the COVID numbers in their area.

Working parents, especially of younger kids, aren’t equipped for this. How in the world do you balance full time work and supporting your child? Employers are also not equipped for this. They are used to having employees perform a certain way and produce at a certain level that may not be possible during this new transition.

What IS possible for employees and parents to have a healthy & meaningful transition? 

As we all learn our way through this, we are paying special attention to how employers and parents can create work and home environments that provide some balance in this insanely challenging time. 

This week we will share our top tips for employers. Next week, we’ll offer up our top tips for parents. Like most things these days, there is no clear black and white answers. Employers and families that find success and thrive will be the ones that master the soft skills and put people first.

We have created an incredible set of development tools and workshops called “Work from Anywhere.” We’d love to share them with you and customize a program that meets your needs.