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Planning Guide for Back to School!

We’ve spent the last few weeks offering tips for employers and parents so that you can have a successful back-to-school season. Now, we are offer two free workbooks.

STEP 1: Download and Share

Download both of the workbooks below. Each supervisor/supervisee should have their respective parts.

STEP 2: Fill them out

For every supervisor/supervisee pair, have them spend time thinking through each of their intentions. The key to a successful transition is planning and communications.

STEP 3: Meet together and share

Set aside an hour to share your workbooks. In the spaces where your answers don’t align, spend time negotiating a solution. Make sure that the solution and expectations are crystal clear for all involved.

STEP 4: Regular check-ins

Plan for change. As work and school expectations evolve, your plan will too. Continued communications and negotiations will be necessary for ongoing success!

Perhaps this is an area that you need some coaching or team training?