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Why People Like Fresh Starts

It’s that time of the year – where our inboxes are being filled with all kinds of temptations to pull us into someone else’s goal for the year:  to lose weight, flatten your abs, get off of sugar, out of debt, take that dream family vacation or make more money.  While these messages can be quite tempting, it’s a good reminder that we are the architects of our own life.  There’s something quite magical about the turn of the calendar and the beginning of a new year.  

Here’s what we know about Why People Like Fresh Starts: 

  • Fresh Starts provide the blank slate to take stock of what would make your life the life you want to and are proud of living? Just like we do for so many of our clients, we take ourselves through this simple, yet powerful exercise to step back and reflect on the current state of our life: 
    • what do I want to stop?  
    • what do I want to start?  
    • what do I want to continue?  
    • what is worth questioning in my life?  

And, after each question, consider what about that is important for me right now? Once we know the why it’s important, we are more likely to see the greater picture and make the changes necessary to live the life we desire most.  

  • It’s the perfect time to hit the reset button.  Sometimes, we just need a physical reminder that we are always at choice and it’s up to us to really create our own Best Year! Maybe we got sucked into some bad habits this past year or fell out of our exercise routine or our desire to nurture our key relationships doesn’t match what’s actually on our calendar.  There’s something about embracing the New Year; New Me mentality – letting go of the old and holding on to the hope for a better, more aligned year ahead making our desires a reality. But that desire, needs to be matched up with a discipline, intentional way of being – not just a hope.  Get clear, intentional and being “all in” in hitting your reset button for a powerful year with clearly defined SMART goals that will empower and motivate you.  Use the process in suggestion #1 to explore your big picture life, then, create the SMART goals that align with what success will look like at the end of your year.
  • And, finally, the start of a New Year comes with an intrigue, a challenge and an excitement around it. Sometimes, it the very act of writing down that big, audacious goal – with the pen hitting the paper and the little voice whispering “could I really achieve this?” that is enough to remind us of our power and the nudge we need to realize we already have what it takes – just like Glenda the Good Witch said, “You’ve had the Power my dear, you’ve had it all along”.  May this Fresh Start be just the reminder you need to realize what is uniquely yours to do this year.  Fresh Starts offer no judgement or history – just opportunity and possibility.  May you live into your year with Power and Possibility!