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Podcast Series: Top Recommendations

In August, we created a must see summer reading list, perfect for those warm days spent in the sun. Now that summer has ended, and holiday travel is on the horizon, we have put together a list of our favorite podcast episodes to keep you company this season. Not only have we provided recommendations for episodes that foster growth, but we have added some fun and inspiring listens as well. So, turn up the volume and enjoy, as each member of our team gives you their top picks!

Recommendations from Tammy Krings, CEO

Dare to Lead – Brene Brown with Adam Grant & Simon Sinek –  “What’s Happening at Work” Part I & Part II

This is THE ONE podcast you must download and listen to in the next week!  It’s fresh, relevant, applicable and necessary if you are a leader trying to connect with your people today. This is one of those podcasts that you need to listen to at least twice – once for all of the “oh my gosh, this is SO good” moments to sitting down as if you were in a masterclass with some of the very best leadership experts of our time. Grab your favorite journal, a new pen & get ready to take notes that you’ll be using for a long time!  

🎧Listen to Part I Here

🎧Listen to Part II Here 

Marketing Made Simple– Dr. J.J. Peterson with Casey Fuesrt “How to Fundraise Using the StoryBrand Framework”

I have always loved the Marketing Made Simple podcast. It was actually one of the first that I followed regularly years ago. So, when Casey Fuerst became our Marketing Guru & StoryBrand guide, I knew we found a winner!  While Casey highlights her work with non-profits and fundraising in this episode, much of what she is talking about applies to our business and to our stories. If you don’t ask people to be a part of something larger than themselves, they will always stay in their own problem. Help them see themselves as part of the solution! 

🎧Listen Here

How I Built This– Guy Raz “Khan Academy: Sal Khan”

How I Built This talks to the “world’s best-known entrepreneurs” about building their brand and the trouble they encountered along the way. I find that it provides great inspiration for leaders on how to navigate through challenges and obstacles. This particular episode highlights Khan Academy and how Sal made learning more accessible. 

🎧Listen Here  

Sal Silvester on the Future of Leadership– Sal Silvester with Tammy Krings “How to Connect with Different Personalities in a Virtual World”

In this episode, I have the pleasure of discussing the four primary personality styles in the workplace using the DiSC model with Sal Silvester. We chat about how the virtual work environment affects these personalities and how we can connect with each remotely. 

🎧Listen Here 

Recommendations From Ava Goepfert, Sr Facilitator & Leadership Coach

Women at Work– Harvard Business Review “Getting Along with a Biased Tormentor”

The two hosts, Amy Gallo and Amy Bernstein, dive into workplace topics that focus on women but are applicable for anybody navigating the modern workforce. I especially loved their “Getting Along” series where Amy Gallo coached someone through a difficult relationship and highlighted what we can do to adapt and make changes in our own behavior to get along with our coworkers. 

🎧Listen Here

The Audible Ready Sales Podcast– Force Management “Making QBRs Valuable w/ Tim Caito”

Force Management has a tried and true approach to sales that aligns with our values at TCTM – they focus on connecting and collaborating with their clients to find the best solution, rather than just telling them how to solve their problems. Their podcast walks through elements of their process and how to develop effective relationships with people and figure out what is valuable to them as the grounding of a successful career. I think this is applicable to anyone, even those outside of sales, because we all need to build relationships and communicate more effectively!

🎧Listen Here

Archetypes with Meghan– Megan Markle “The Misconception of Ambition with Serena Williams”

Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, explores various archetypes and how those shape the perceptions and identities of women with various guests from entertainment, sports, music, and other industries. She also shares aspects of her life and childhood that make the podcast feel intimate and personal, and invites us to consider what archetypes we have been labeled with throughout our lives and careers. 

🎧Listen Here

Recommendations from Kait Wyman, Administrative Operations Manager

The Goal Digger– Jenna Kutcher “12 Boundaries I’ve Implemented in Work & Life to Protect My Peace”

No matter who you are and what your work is, everyone needs to establish boundaries in their work and home life and Jenna gives some great tangible ideas that work for her and her business. Our TCTM team does a really great job of prioritizing peace and allowing each other to practice boundaries that we’ve set for our work and family. We encourage each other to both set and follow them, so that we can continue to show up to TCTM as our best selves. 

🎧Listen Here

The Lazy Genius– Kendra Adachi “The Lazy Genius Starter Kit: 20 Episodes That Will Immediately Change Your Life”

I love this podcast because Kendra gives so many great ideas on how to not only simplify your life but really think about what matters to you and focus on those vs. focusing on the things that don’t matter. We cannot do it all! I couldn’t pick a favorite episode so I picked the one that lists 20 of her episodes that help you understand the Lazy Genius Way. 

🎧Listen Here

Good Inside– Dr. Becky “Raising Anti-Racist, Anti-Bias Kids with Britt Hawthorne”

I am all about parenting podcasts because of my current stage of life with 3 littles under 6 at our house! This podcast is one I listen to routinely but this episode was so great at giving tools on how to talk to your kids about race, the language to use and why it’s important to have conversations like this with your kids in your home. 

🎧Listen Here

We Can Do Hard Things– Glennon Doyle “BURNOUT: Do You Feel Half Alive?”

I loved this episode where Glennon, Abby and Amanda interview sisters, Emily and Amelia Nagoski, authors of Burnout: The Secret to Unlocking the Stress Cycle. We all can feel a sense of burn out every once in a while and Emily and Amelia give tangible tools on how to navigate life including how to support yourself when feeling burnt out. Don’t just check out this episode, check out the book too! It was life changing for me. 

🎧Listen Here

Pantsuit Politics– Sara Stewart Holland and Beth Silvers

I don’t have a specific episode that I want to recommend but the podcast in general is one of my favorites because it is hosted by two women who identify with different political parties and respectfully share the current news and state of our country even though they don’t always agree with one another. I appreciate their viewpoints and feel like I have a sense of what is going on in the world without the political party drama! Their September 11th recap episode was really powerful for me.

🎧Listen Here