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3 Questions for Your Team in 2023

3 Questions for Your Team in 2023

We pay attention to themes and patterns from client to client. 

We have worked with more than 40 companies and 2,000 people in our workshops or coaching engagements this past year and there is a resounding theme that has emerged – we are all craving more clarity and certainty.  This is definitely not a surprise, especially knowing what we have all endured these past 34 months. 

3 questions we need to answer for each of our team members

  1. What is my role?
  2. How do I best use my time? 
  3. Do I matter? 

3 ways you can provide clarity & certainty to your team to set them up for success in 2023

Have the Roles & Responsibilities conversation

Not another org chart or clever matrix – because what looks good on paper isn’t always reality.  Have an honest, in the room, mapping out the details of our role & responsibility type of conversation.  

Get clear about what we uniquely own for the business and for our customers, the hand-offs to your teammates and who does what when.  It’s amazing what two-hours (with some necessary prep) can give to a team.  

Ultimately, clarity is the pathway to overall success.  Those simple conversations that include, “oh, I thought that was in my work, too” make an enormous difference in how we work and get along.  You can never have enough clarity – especially in our hybrid work environments. 

What is scheduled happens

Be intentional about your meeting time and challenge each other to make the best choice about how they use their time.  Each person needs to ask themselves 3 questions before accepting a meeting invitation: 

1) What’s the purpose of this meeting?  (information, problem-solving, decision-making, influencing)

2) What is my role?  

3) How can I best contribute?  Maybe the purpose is to simply listen and learn (an information-based meeting), maybe it’s to provide direction or insight or perspective.  

Look at your calendar – how many meetings are vital to your work and how you drive the business?  How many are routine and you dread showing up?  How many of your meetings still have you questioning why you are there?  

Meeting time is some of the most precious time we have in the business. Look around the table (or screen) and multiply the number of people, by the duration of the meeting by the average pay/hour.  You’d be shocked by how much your meetings cost you. Are you really getting an expected ROI?  

Connection is key  

We are wired for connection – to be seen, known and loved. It’s what we crave each and every day (whether we say it out loud or not), and what drives our personal investment and engagement.  

Our subconscious is seeking the answers to – do I matter?  Does my work matter?  Does anyone notice how hard I’m working?  Would they notice if I didn’t follow-through? 

As leaders, it’s our responsibility to really know our people, ask questions, reinforce the connection and help people know that their work matters. Pursuing great connections and investing in the health of your team always pays off! 

As you pause and define the ways you can help your team right now, remember it boils down to three simple, yet powerful questions: 

  1. What is my role?
  2. How do I best use my time? 
  3. Do I matter? 

We are passionate about helping teams break down barriers and get unstuck from what holds you back.  Let us know how we can support you as you strive for greater clarity, connection and purpose in 2023!