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Actions that will strengthen your Leadership Development Program

3 Actions That Will Strengthen Your Leadership Development Programs

Everyone wants to know the formula to great leadership and what it takes to really create transformative workplaces. If you are a leader who has a team member in a leadership development program, OR, you are a leadership consultant and want to increase your impact, these three moves will separate you from the pack!  

Leadership development programs often focus on content, tools or technique and forget to focus on the one thing that can be a multiplier of business growth – enrolling the leader of your programs’ participants.   Yes, the direct connection to the very person who is in your leadership development program. The #1 secret to helping them succeed is you – their leader!.  

And, that’s why we are passionate about weaving in three significant touch-points in all of our leadership development programs. And, you can do the same!  

Step 1: Bring in the participant’s leader from the very start. 

Our starting point is in the interviewing process. We ask simple, provocative questions to learn what the executives really want to change in the business. Then, we focus on creating partnerships with those who lead or manage the participants in the program. We build trust quickly & frequently with the participant’s leaders and direct them into the day-to-day work that builds the opportunities for growth, consistently & frequency.  When we see the connection, depth and commitment from the top leaders, we know great work will be happening.  

Step 2: Make it formal. 

If you are just talking about the program, but haven’t provided the participant’s leaders with the most effective ways they can support and create change, you are missing an easy opportunity to further enroll the leader to help their people achieve their goals. To make sure our leaders are supported, we formalize it with a dedicated 60-minute “Role of the Leader” meeting two-weeks prior to the program kick-off. At this point, we share the overall program purpose, expectations and how to support and coach their people. This meeting is often a combination of speaking directly to the hope & potential each leader has for their cohort member, while also seeking to find ways they can be as supportive, available and consistent with their people. At this stage, we see a lot of vulnerability and anticipation as each leader strives to demonstrate excellence and realizes they have the potential to forever change the trajectory of the participants’ lives.

Step 3:  It’s not a one-and-done type of approach. 

As leaders move through the program, reinforce and create opportunities to step-up and continue to focus on their leadership behavior goals. We meet with the same leaders mid-point in the program to share what is working and where the cohort needs extra care & attention. Not all leaders know what is expected of them. When we can give them a roadmap of what great leaders do to support their people, they feel more confident and assured that they are working in tandem with us. Ensuring that the change and enthusiasm can sustain and cause a ripple effect in the business. 

Set yourself apart – Enroll EVERY LEADER who has someone in your leadership programs. Bring them along, invite them into your work and help them see how they can be woven into your design. While we can easily get caught up in all the content and facilitation, we can’t lose sight of what makes change really happen – the leader to leader connection. 

Giving leaders the opportunity to find more ways they can more closely plug into the program, allows them to step up and showcase their own leadership. Development is a team sport that requires leaders + participants + coaches  to create the ultimate winning formula for transformational, sustainable business growth.

If you are interested in learning more about our approach and the impact we make by including the leader of leaders from the beginning, let’s connect!  We’d love to support you!