Michael Got a New Job

Hire To Retire, Part 2/4

Consider with me two scenarios of Michael’s first 9 months in his new job.

February 1, 2019: Michael called today. He accepted a new job and is so excited. We talked for 47 minutes about his new position and all the ideas he has. He said that his supervisor is a legend in his field but was really looking for new ideas and energy. 

July 1, 2019: Michael called again today and was really feeling frustrated. His first six months isn’t living up his hopes. He can’t seem to get over the “new person” hurdle with a teammate and his boss is so busy that he doesn’t take the time to support the ideas that he brought him on to implement. 
September 1, 2019: Michael called again today. He is looking for a new position. The environment isn’t hostile, but it isn’t giving him the opportunities to grow and impact the work in the way he hoped. 


July 1, 2019: Michael called again today. WOW! He went into this position with new ideas and energy but was a bit naïve about how to make them happen. There have been some really rough days of working through challenges but he seems to grasp the need for him to invest as much in relationships with his team as the ideas. His boss has become a true mentor and has really helped him to learn about the industry and make changes.
September 1, 2019: Michael called today with some great news. He got a promotion. It is small, but he feels so good about this company and its leaders.


When companies call for help, it is often a reaction to something negative that is happening. People problems aren’t something that just gets solved and never pop up again. People grow and change over time and so do their needs. What a new hire needs is vastly different than what an executive leader needs. 
In addition to what they need, employees are craving opportunities to grow and excel in their work. According to a Gallup study, “Employees used to expect to work for a boss. Now, they’re looking for a coach. Because they don’t just want to be satisfied with their role or their job. Your employees want personal and professional development, immediately and for the future.” 
With this growing demand from employees for support in their development, the potential for business growth is a given. We know that we need to provide employee development and support, individuals and teams are more engaged in their work and better equipped to do it well. 

The Conversations That Matter works with exceptional companies every day to provide assessments, training, and coaching. The leaders in these programs have a higher level of engagement in their work, better connections with their teammates and less stress all around. 

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