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Leading Others in Our New World

As we are now juggling a whole new set of surroundings and circumstances, we must indeed redefine how we work. That means, we also need to redefine how we lead others. Rather than focus on theory in this post, I want to walk you through a simple one-on-one conversation model that can help you to…

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Leading Self – Virtually

Before I can be a good leader for others, I have to lead myself. Put the self-help books aside. You already have it in you to do this. You know what you need to be your best self. During a time when our routines are all out-of-sorts and everything feels out of control, it is…

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Leading Virtually

The conditions for leading effectively have changed for EVERYONE! We are in a new time and space and the more quickly we adapt, the more likely we are to do well. We know you are scrambling to meet everyone’s needs, take care of yourself and your family, and adapt to a whole new set of…

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