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Navigating Change: Uncover Your Team’s Hidden Strengths

“The only constant in life is change.” – Greek philosopher Heraclitus

This timeless truth resonates deeply within the professional world. However, the way we meet and manage change can differ vastly from one person to another, influenced by our unique personalities and behavioral styles. Within the framework of Wiley’s Everything DiSC®, these differences become not just understandable but also valuable.

Understanding DiSC Styles

Everything DiSC® categorizes behavioral styles into four primary dimensions: Dominance (D), Influence (i), Steadiness (S), and Conscientiousness (C). Each of these styles responds to change in its own unique way:

  • ‘D’ styles: Individuals with a ‘D’ style are driven by results and action. When faced with change, they often take the lead, approaching transitions with assertiveness and a desire to innovate. They thrive on the challenge change presents and are quick to explore new opportunities.
  • ‘i’ styles: Those with an ‘i’ style are the communicators and enthusiasts. They see change as an exciting opportunity for collaboration and creativity. Their optimism can be contagious, inspiring others to embrace change with an open mind.
  • ‘S’ styles: ‘S’ styles are the stabilizers among us. They approach change with thoughtfulness and a need for understanding. They ensure that transitions are smooth and consider the human aspect of any change, providing the support and reassurance that teams often need.
  • ‘C’ styles: Finally, individuals with a ‘C’ style are the analyzers, offering meticulous attention to detail and a focus on quality. They approach change methodically, ensuring that each step is planned and risks are assessed.

Leveraging Collective Strengths

In a team setting, these diverse approaches to change can be incredibly powerful when leveraged effectively. By understanding and valuing each team member’s DiSC style, leaders can:

  • Harness ‘D’ and ‘i’ styles’ energy: Utilize their natural tendency for action and innovation to drive change forward.
  • Anchor change with ‘S’ styles’ steadiness: Employ their consistency and thoughtfulness to maintain team morale and cohesion.
  • Rely on ‘C’ styles for risk management: Their attention to detail and quality can help in identifying potential pitfalls and ensuring successful implementation.

Crafting a Dynamic Strategy

Embracing the Everything DiSC® model allows us to craft a strategy that is not only inclusive but also resilient and dynamic. It enables us to anticipate how each team member might perceive and react to change, allowing for a more tailored approach that considers everyone’s strengths and comfort zones.

Moreover, by acknowledging and integrating the diverse perspectives and coping mechanisms of different DiSC styles, we can create a comprehensive plan that addresses the emotional, psychological, and practical aspects of change.


Change may be constant, but our approach to managing it doesn’t have to be one-size-fits-all. By utilizing the insights provided by Everything DiSC®, we can adapt to change in ways that are constructive, cooperative, and considerate of the diverse individuals that make up our teams. This year, let’s not just manage change – let’s use our collective DiSC styles to thrive in it.

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