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I took a class in college on leadership and it asked the question, ‘who are some of the most significant leaders throughout history?’ Inevitably, the same names get thrown out – Oprah Winfrey and Adolf Hilter. It’s always a bit of a slap in the face to hear that last name. Afterall, nearly all would agree he wasn’t a good leader, but we can’t deny his significance, right?

I like to alter that questions a bit and ask, ‘who are some of the most significant leaders in your life?’ Oddly, most people still do the same thing. They name a good leader and bad leader. I suppose the lesson is that we learn as much from bad as we do from the good. We learn not only what we want to become, but also what we want to avoid. 

Last Spring, I presented the Leadership Essentials Toolkit workshop at a national conference. It was rated the best workshop by attendees, and I wondered what set it apart for the participants. I asked some questions and I reviewed the content. I learned that for some, the ability to lead was natural. For others, it required more intentionality and work. For all, they craved and appreciated practical skills and tools that assure they are being a good leader. They named the things they wanted to avoid, like giving feedback that causes harm, being too hasty with decisions, not being a good listener. In every single case, their confidence as a leader was bolstered with simple tools that helped them to listen, respond and be intentional in stronger ways. 

What would it mean to your leaders if you invested in giving them these tools? 

Would they gain skill, confidence and better relationships? YES! 

Would your business benefit through growth in productivity, longevity and morale? ABSOLUTELY!

Let’s talk about if the Leadership Essentials Toolkit is right for you.