From Me to We

Several years ago, Wiley had a big theme under the same title, “From Me to We.” It was, and still is, significant as it focuses on moving from a hierarchical leadership model with an all-powerful leader to a team-driven model with leadership throughout. Now, as The Conversations That Matters grows, I am doing the same.…

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Stopping to Smell the Roses

Last week, our team at The Conversations That Matter wrapped up a two-and-a-half-year-long project. It was enormous and took a lot of creativity and bandwidth from each of us. But, to say we grew a lot – in our knowledge and expertise and our relationships – is an understatement.  Frankly, we were all ready for…

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Culture of Innovation

Building a Culture of Innovation

Our team at The Conversations That Matter has been working on a custom tool for an exciting client. The tool is focused on what it takes to have an innovative culture. I could get buried in the amazing content that has already been written on this very topic. It’s fascinating. There is one key to…

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How will History Judge Leaders During the Pandemic?

How Will History Judge It's Leaders

History has always judged leaders differently than when they are in the midst of their role. Aristotle calls real leadership the “excellence of character.” We’ve learned, over time, that the true character of a leader isn’t always known in the midst of their leadership.  “While lead­ers are judged by how well they re­spond to a…

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Lead with Clarity So Everyone Wins!

Lead with Clarity

There are BIG changes happening in how most businesses are operating right now and it is more important than ever to lead with clarity. In the past year, employees have shifted from fully-in-the-office to fully-at-home. Now, most workers are in some sort of hybrid situation that will likely change again and again before it settles…

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7 Practices of Exceptional Leaders

Everyone wants to know the secret.  The one thing that will make all the difference. The one thing that separates those that appear to have it together from those who struggle to keep it together.  As part of my work, I get to hear the stories of what’s working for the leaders I coach and what seems…

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Why People Like Fresh Starts

It’s that time of the year – where our inboxes are being filled with all kinds of temptations to pull us into someone else’s goal for the year:  to lose weight, flatten your abs, get off of sugar, out of debt, take that dream family vacation or make more money.  While these messages can be quite tempting,…

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When Meetings Drag You Down

My husband takes a nap everyday…at 5:15 pm when he’s done with all of his meetings for the workday.  It’s exhausting, and it has gotten worse. Okay, not everyday, but he’d like to! The full, packed days of “being on” have become exhausting, and it’s gotten worse.   I am hearing this more and more. Working…

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Planning Guide for Back to School!

We’ve spent the last few weeks offering tips for employers and parents so that you can have a successful back-to-school season. Now, we are offer two free workbooks. STEP 1: Download and Share Download both of the workbooks below. Each supervisor/supervisee should have their respective parts. STEP 2: Fill them out For every supervisor/supervisee pair,…

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